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at homestead air force base where vac he's are -- evacuees are met. in northwest washington today, a memorial mass for victims of haiti's earthquake. ♪ [ music ] hundreds of people attended the mass at the shrine of the sacred heart to remember those who died in the tragedy. archbishop of washington says washington's haitian community will also need time to heal. >> what we're hearing is there are levels of pain and suffering. first, there is the obvious loss of loved ones and people having to deal with those that died or are still missing. and then there's the certain level of despair that sets in when people see the devastation all around them. and they begin to try to anticipate what will happen next. it's in that area that we think we can be of great help. >> the archbishop says he's been pleased with the out pouring of support for haiti by washington's catholic community. >>> heavy rain is headed our way. there are some concerns about flooding. let's head straight over to devon lucy in the weather center. >> we have seen a flash flood watch that goes into effect tomorrow for the counti
. >> washington wizards star gilbert arenas tonight accepting responsibility for bringing guns into the team locker room but an investigation by local law enforcement and nba continues. >> i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us this saturday night. two developing stories. family of abe pollin now speaking out about gilbert arenas and guns in the locker room. >>> first, coldest night of the winter in the washington area. temperatures falling into the teens and when you mix in the windchill it will be color. what's in store? >> temperatures already at zero. even some below zero in some cases. first of all, see where we have our wind advisory. this has been extended to 4:00 a.m. have to go in western parts of virginia and eastern parts of west virginia that are not in the advisory. current temperatures along with the wind speed. strong winds. 30-mile-an-hour winds. 20 degree temperatures. gaitwell below zero in many cases maybe into the teens below zero. i'll show who you will get that frigid air. where temperatures go this entire week and what to expect next week. your entire forecast jus
as president of howard university here in washington for more than 20 years has died. james cheek, he was 77 years old. the university spokesman says he died friday at a hospital in grains borrow, north carolina, after a long illness. he served as howard's president more than 20 years. during his tenure, enrollment increased $6,000. the ufort's budget climbed to more than $400 million. he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom in 1983. the funeral arrangements haven't been announced. >>> heavy snow being blamed for a roof collapse in sioux city, iowa. this is what's left of the lab. cracked tiles covered the floor and ceiling. school officials say repairs could take some time. >> right now we have no e-mail, no internet connection, no availability to grade books or any of our teacher resources, attendants and so on. >> we're seeing a lot of places in my territory where snow load's creating havoc and i think there's more to come. >> firefighters managed to salvage computers and servers. and engineers are assessing the building's safety before students return to class. >>> the fda appro
they can endure the long- term process of rebuilding. >> the washington area turned out in a big way today at the haitian embassy to help relief efforts. >> reporter: this was the scene in front of the haitian embassy in washington as more than 1000 people showed their solidarity for haiti's earthquake victims. >> my dad is haitian and the rest of my family are here trying to donate as much as we can. >> i have grandchildren so i have plenty of stock of formula, diapers and wipes and stuff like that. >> granola bars and soup and tuna in oil packages. >> there is another truck coming in a second. >> reporter: there were helping hands of all sizes. >> we brought hand sanitizer. some soap. some brushes and some toothpaste. >> reporter: others there with shelters. a tent with supplies for up to 10 people. >> sleeping bags. water purification kits and tools that a family of ten needs to survive. >> reporter: and folks were not about to let a bit of icy rain get in the efforts to help those most in need in haiti. >> i'm very thankful. the response is huge. >> reporter: so huge that the embassy s
of the washington redskins. the story broke just about an hour ago. >> let's go straight to sports directer brett haber. >> reporter: that's night's dinner was a sales pitch. tonight's dinner was a celebration. according to multiple sources this evening, the deal is done, and mike shanahan is the head coach of the washington redskins. also the vice president of football operations, the same title vinny sirado held. sources say sean than will have final say on all football- related manners. the deal said to be for five years at the same $7 million annual salary he got in denver, and for the first two seasons, half of the figure will be paid by the broncos. he signed the deal at redskins park tonight and posed for pictures with daniel snyder. we spoke with several players beginning to albert hansworth. >> my agent texted me and said shanahan will be the new head coach. i think it will be great and give us a chance to compete. i'm not experienced in the leadership, and it will be unbelievable. >> i think will be a great day in the washington redskins football history to add coach shanahan. you don't
and kill those inside. the same kind of scenario could play out if a big quake were to hit the washington area. and as gary nurenberg is here to tell us, it could be sooner than we think. gary. >> reporter: well, anita, a process for fessor at george washington university tells us because of the density of the continental shelf on the east coast, a big earthquake could result in a big earthquake here. and because so many of our buildings and bridges were built under old building codes, the damage we see in haiti we could see here. >> how do we know how they're going to respond? every structure is different. >> reporter: the department of civil and environmental engineering at george washington. >> we're going to rock back and forth to basically simulate the earthquake. >> reporter: the professor teaches students how to design building materials that will withstand stress. >> what we do is we test this to failure. >> reporter: when he watches the video from haiti, he sees familiar failure in those concrete buildings. cracks at a 45-degree angle. >> if i just move it a little bit, it crumbl
will have to tackle as he not only faces mounting pressure in washington but a stuff re- election in his home state. karen brown, cbs news, new york. >> senator harry reid j says he isn't going anywhere. >>> baltimore removed a priest from church duties following allegations of sexual misconduct. 62-year-old father john is priest of the church in maryland. the archdiocese delayed announcing it until sunday in connection with the investigation. the abuse occurred in the mid- to late 1980's. he denies all those allegations. >>> flu season hasn't swung into high gear, but there are no shortages of the h1n1 vaccine. the challenge for health officials now is making sure people get both the h1n1 and seasonal vaccines. the pharmaceutical company stepped up production and some companies have surpluses. >> there are ample supplies of vaccine in most of the country. the h1n1 virus is still circulating and causing disease, hospital locations and -- hospitalizations and deaths. many people are still susceptible to this virus and would benefit from vaccination. >> flu is fickle. now we're braced to s
. already into the upper 50s here at washington. all the way as far west as even dulles. we are going to drop the temperatures back down to average temperatures for this time of the year in wintertime in washington, mid-40's for highs. chilly weather is moving back in. in the overnight we know about the flash flood watch that's in effect that continues through tomorrow morning. heavy rains possible, even a thunderstorm here and there. i still think is possible from mainly washington off to the south. if you're off north, probably just going to see rain showers and heavier periods of rain. the rain's going to end as soon as we get towards midmorning, midday. by the afternoon you might see a little bit of sunshine. it's really going to be all about the clouds hanging on and then the cold front bringing in the colder air later on. these are the current flash flood warnings going on. western parts of virginia into west virginia. a number of these flash flood warnings extending into north carolina and parts of the southeastern united states because of this big system. this was the same sto
, there is a way you can get home safely without getting behind the wheel. the washington regional alcohol program is offering the sober ride program again this year. it covers fares up of to #r5 dollars and it runs -- $50 and it runs through friday. all you have to do is call 1-800-200-taxi if you need a ride. bus district will also be extended. the georgetown union station route will end at 2:00 a.m. the square metro route will be running in the 3:30 in the morning. service will return to regular hours on new year's day. >>> organizers estimate 1 million people will pack into new york's time square for the big apple traditional celebration. it's getting very close now. police are out to make sure everybody has a safe and memorable time. carter joins us. >> reporter: right smack in the center of the cross roads, you look behind me probably about a million people behind me. so we have some rain, we have some snow falling. but, do you know what, it doesn't seem to be dam peng spirits here at -- dampening spirits here at time square. these people are prepared. they've been here all day long. the par
news from washington, d.c. video from a car accident just in to the 9 newsroom. two collided on the 14th street bridge. two people were hurt. emergency crews actually had to cut at least one of the people out of the wreckage number word on a cause. we'll have an update when we know more. >>> back to the weather. how cold will it get tonight and the rest of the weekend? topper shutt is here to explain. >> the coldest air of the season and you will get cold getting your paper in the morning. let's start with the temperatures. these are straight temperatures and everybody is in the low 20s. 23 downtown. 22 in winchester and 23 in cumberland. factoring in the wind. this is the wind temperatures. 14 in monas says. 11 in winchester. what is driving the wind chills? wind gusts in excess of 20 miles per hour. a 24-mile-per-hour wind gust at dulles alone. tonight, partly cloudy, breezy cold, wind chills 5 to 15. we'll come back with the wakeup weather and take you through the weekend. and if you see someone who needs a place to sleep at night call 1-800-535-7252. temperatures are not going to m
. >> reporter: well, in northwest washington, not feeling very hard. a few snowflakes hitting your jacket and they disappear just a matter of seconds. what's going to happen overnight, reminding them the beauty of snow. and winter coming silently awakening to the breathtaking areas. well, poetically true unless you have to drive in it and pay for it. at 9:15 this evening, highways are standing by at the river road in a small place out there standing by the deal in what happens when the snow lits the washington roads. montgomery county alone, to deal with what costs money. >> reporter: the unexpected severity of last month's storm for prince george's county, budgeting $1.9 million for the whole year is already spending $2.6 million. >> we base our budget on an average of what we have spent over the past several years. and certainly the money that had been allocated for this entire budget was basically what we have spent last year. >> reporter: she says the county will find the money somehow and promises. >> we're going to continue to provide class a services. >> reporter: budgeting $26 mil
the lockerroom of the washington wizards. the latest on the rumors showdown coming up in sports. >>> coming up to the jump. he is going to hit it. >> a maryland man leaps his way into the record books kicking off 2010. >>> plus. >> i wanted to drop some weight and learn a new language. >> save more money. to lose weight and to get a new job. >> have you made your resolution? a look at why it can sometimes be hard to keep those new year's promises. >> really cold out here but the cold is just one thing. this wind is just biting right through this 9news jacket. take a look at your wakeup weather. cold and windy right now. blustery an bitter tomorrow. 20 to 28 degrees. if you don't have to go out this might be the best weekend to just snuggle up indoors. i'll tell you why when 9news now returns. >>> you now have to pay more the next time you jump on the dulles toll road. 25 cents more today. $1 at the gate. on and off ramps are 75 cents. extra revenue will go towards construction of metro silver line extension to dulles international airport. >>> mixed reactions from dc shoppers today as the 5 ce
after he made light of the gun allegations. and the washington post says while arenas may have laid unloaded guns on the locker, two witnesses say that the teammate responded by brandishing his own firearm, loading a clip of ammunition into it and k.c.king the weapon. the witnesses add that the teammates promised to take the heat for both players. more on these developments coming in in sports, including reaction to the suspension from the wizards' players. >>> and full coverage of the hiring of mike shanahan. that has been placed on the back burner in sports. >> big news there. thank you, brett. >>> death before justice can run its course. the white supreme assist who is accused of murder in the hole cost miami died in prison. he was awaiting trial for killing stevens johns back in june. bruce leshan talks with the man who stopped van bruin from taking more lives. >> this man needed to be punished. >> reporter: harry weeks feels cheated by the death of james von brunn. he was one of two officers to return fire an von brunn brought his fury to the miami allegeically killing steven j
. >> people all over new york, miami, here in washington just basically updating their pages. who they spoke to. what they know and what they can share in terms of information. >> reporter: his mom, 77, is right in the middle of it. the destruction wiped out a lot of cell phone service but john got through. >> that's when she told me the details of what happened in her neighborhood. she told me her house collapsed. she's okay. but there's nothing in the house that salvageable. my ankh he will is -- my ooung he will unkel is was still in the house. fortunately she was outside when it hit. that's where she was when the whole thing started. she didn't know what to do. everybody started running everywhere. but they all realized after awhile what was going on so everybody started running away because things started to fall. from the walls and everything. and that's when they realized what was happening. walls were falling on the sides and they got out, thank god. >> reporter: john offered to bring his mother back but she said, no, she wants to stick it out. tough lady. but for those of us that h
outsiders, including those in washington, believe that. what haiti need is a marschall plan. you can't trust haiti to rebuild itself with billions of outside assistance at stake. bruce johnson 9news now and >> haitian americans here in the washington dc area have helped raise thousands for their homeland already. they're also planning trips back home to run health clinics and help in that rebuilding process. >>> taking a look now at stories that had our newsroom talking. president obama seems got out of jury duty this week in illinois. he had the whole state of the union thing going on. but we wanted to know what are some of the worst ideas for getting out of jury duty. here are a few from a place called hub number one, get arrested. number two, pretend to be extremely prejudice against everybody. white, black, christian, you name it. third, lie, and say you never got the letter. of course, we would never recommend you try any of these. >>> and here is a quick preview of the late show with david letterman. >> tonight president obama invited conan o'brien to the white ho
with the computer. we have a winter storm watch to the west that includes hagerstown, and washington county maryland and includes the i-81 corridor and winchester and our friends out in the mountains, cumberland and over toward garrett county. now in terms of temperatures, it's not super cold right now. 38 downtown, it is in the 20s up in fredrick and in the mid 30s for leesburg and manassas and also cumberland, so for tonight, mostly cloudy, light mix stays south of us. this is not the main event, low temperatures 28-34. we'll come back and look at live doppler and i'll have wake up weather for you in just a few minutes. anita? >> topper thank you. we'll go to the latest out of haiti. >>> today a 6.1 magnitude aftershock rocked the country bringing more despair to the streets. many are scrambling to get out port au prince all together, jumping on boats leaving the devastated region. the country has already buried 80,000 people in mass graves with the death toll estimated at 200,000. 250,000 survivors urgently need medical care as 2 million of them remain homeless. meanwhile the pentagon is ordering
touched down in washington this afternoon. and aboard that. daniel's jet, poised to assume his third head coaching position. and he spent two seasons with the raiders. 14 with the broncos where he and john ellway created so much magic in the mid-90s. now, they will try to do the same for them and the players, they were mostly receptive. >> he's the head coach. you know, obviously he would have the super bowls to back it up. definitely one of the head coaches as you would like like he has. obviously, you know, he has a great ability for them to lead in that. >> i think a lot of the people are kind of hoping it's him. and they warn about what they have gotten and who has done it before. >> reporter: perhaps the most surprising aspect. coming to washington. and that he could just as easily sit on his porch to make the same money. you see they still have $14 million remaining on their contract with the broncos. he would forfeit that by signing with the skins. although, clearly, he would get that back and more from them. >>> meanwhile, one event that could delay his introduction is the pending
as washington's honorary secretary of love and relationships. it is part of a stimulus plan to boost tourism during the month of february. but is the 81-year-old the right lady for the job? we have the story. >> i first had the relationship and good sex. >> reporter: she's the famous sex therapist with a sas see voice and -- sassy voice and now she's been hired with destination dc. >> can i say the word orgasm? >> you can. >> reporter: she hopes to show off the romantic side of the nation's capitol and boost business. >> the thought is how can we fill hotels, get people shopping out in a month where people don't do a lot of shopping. >> reporter: people are encouraged to create date night and many businesses will offer discounts. >> i love dr. ruth. >> it would be very good, especially if she would start showing her toys in all of the museum shops. >>> but can this 81-year-old convince young people to find romance in the city. >> it surprises me that they would have chosen her. in younger groups i'm not sure it would be quite as effective. i'm sure she'll put a fun spin on it. >> they know w
this. >> i bet they are can hear this cheering all the way in washington dc. >> it's a big shock, i think, and a big wakeup call to democrats. >> reporter: american university professor says the extra senate seat gives republican a lot more power. >> it means 41 republican senators. it means they can block health care and any other parts of the obama agenda. >> reporter: democrats will scramble to save health care reform, possibly by having the house reform in such a way that a return to the senate will be unnecessary. but vulnerable democrats may be less willing now to vote yes. >> it feels like it's an anti-incumbent year and that voters in massachusetts and elsewhere are saying i don't know. these income bants got us into a mess and maybe we should just get new people. >> reporter: unintended consequence for the president. >> it probably means that he has to do that bipartisan ship that he talked about when he came to washington. >> reporter: but seeing what the strong anti-obama campaign about for brown tonight, the question is whether the republicans will see a reason to play b
. if maryland wins, they'll be in first. do you still think washington isn't a hockey town? a tv ratings record for a hockey game in washington 113,000 homes tuned in to watch ovechkin and crosby and they got their money's worth. ovechkin has two goals and an assist. caps prevailed 6-3. they have now beaten the last two stanley cup champs. it also means they're the first place in the east and looking like a cup contender. >> i have 65 points, i think. that's the fourth best in the west and 6th and 7th best in the national hockey league. we expect them to be an extremely tough opponent. >> talking about phoenix coming to town tomorrow. saturday afternoon already in australia, third round at the open. serena williams breezed into the round. 6-2, 6-4. if you want to stay up until 3:00 a.m. tonight, check out a rematch. i will be up. finally if you get geeked by a good hockey save, hold on to something from this. from the kings and savers, tom conley skating in. look at this. behind his back. look at it again. behind himself. gloves it. never even -- that's like the sickiest -- don't you think that
to be a false alert. >>> the washington post is quoting sources in the obama administration that the 9/11 trial will not go on in manhattan just blocks away from where the world trade center once stood. several new york politicians objecting. so the trial won't happen. no word yet on where the trial will take place. >>> meantime officials have gathered new debris from in and around ground 0 in manhattan. crews recovering debris since earlier sifting was done in 2007. overall teams have pulled more than 1700 human remains from nearly 15,000 cubic yards of debris. >>> nearly two years after an accident killed eight spectators in prince george's county one of the drivers involved has pled guilty. 21-year-old darren bullock pled guilty to driving one of the cars that plowed into a crowd of nearly 200 people who were out watching the races on indian head highway. he will spend 15 years in prison. >> this is a lesson for not just my child, me, it should be a lesson for the adults that you can't do this drag racing on a state highway period. >> the trial of the second driver in the deadly street racin
to the washington post. and finally the lakers had some pretty prestigious sightseeing. today they went to the white house to meet the president. all part of what comes with winning nab channels. they might be there this weekend too. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the cadillac cts sport sedan. one of car and driver's 10 best for the third year in a row. ♪ and now, cadillac announces the new luxury collection lease. ♪ shop your way rewards card. earn and spend unlimited rewards on qualifying... products when you shop at kmart and sears stores. plus, chances to win k'ching surprises at kmart checkout. for the most rewarding rewards card... there's smart, and there's kmart smart. >>> that's 9news now for tonight. letterman is up next. >> don't forget we're on goodnight. i know. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turn over mmm hmm, i know it's sort of my weakness - i always keep it in the house well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, ya ya - oh! and key lime pie i've already lost some weight [ female announcer ] yoplait light - with 28 delicious flavours at abo
news now. >> i'm bruce johnson. thanks for staying up with us tonight. final over. washington redskins season is over now the watch begins to see how long before dan snyder moves to make changes. brett haber is here with the top story. >> hi there, bruce. give or take about a five hour flight from san diego back to dulles for jim zorn. must seem like five days as you comes across the country because he knows within hours of walking off that jet he will be relieved of his duties as the redskins head coach. that's assuming it doesn't actually happen on the plane itself. zorn's final act was presiding tonight over the redskins season ending 23-20 loss to the charges. led by turner, a man who knows what it is like to be on the firsthand of a dan snyder firing. 4-12. worst record for the redskins since 1994. for zorn that makes two seasons with a mark of 12 and 20. the coach was asked after the game tonight about his tenure with the redskins presumably coming to an end. >> there's a lot of things i'm sure out there as far as stories. there already has been. i get that. but i'm working on ou
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23